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Fittest In – Giving a Brand The WOW Factor

‘Fittest In’ is a competition to find the fittest athlete in the local area. They approached us with their idea, and with our help, we turned this idea into a reality.

First of all ‘Fittest In’ needed a logo. They wanted something clean, crisp and memorable. We used a custom type face and created dashes along their logo. This was to give the logo a slightly aggressive look in addition to giving the font movement. When discussing the project with ‘Fittest In’, they mentioned that they wanted four sections within the competition; speed, power, endurance and strength. With this in mind, we created four separate mini logos for each section of fitness, each with its own unique colour. This was then incorporated within the main logo and throughout the ‘Fittest In’ branding as a general theme.

We then designed a promotional poster with the slogan, “Think You’re The Best? Come And Prove It!” This also incorporated the four colours along with an image of an athlete doing a press-up. The image and slogan were used to attract and entice athletes with an interest in competitive fitness.

Creating the right kind of Hype

We then moved on to creating a powerful video advert. We did this by filming athletes around Coventry doing intense workouts whilst using dark scenery and spotlights. The aim was to give the advert intensity and excitement. Drone footage of Coventry was then recorded to use for the introduction in order to clearly show the audience where it was being held, therefore having instant relatability. We then added enticing text and special effects to give it that ‘high end’ budget look. We then incorporated the ‘Fittest In’ colour scheme and theme to give the video a polished and professional finish.

We then progressed onto the website. ‘Fittest In’ needed a website with strong branding and a clear message. We integrated the colour scheme, theme and look of the general ‘Fittest In’ brand which we had created for them. By keeping the website short and simple with only one main page, this made it simple and user friendly whilst maintaining a clear message. An eCommerce feature was then added so that athletes entering the competition could sign up and pay to enter the event.

A Facebook page was then created. We added in all of the branding in correct dimensions and created them a final post containing the video to start attracting customers through Facebook.

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