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Minamo Ltd – Making Their Business Thrive

Minamo was a start up business. They came to us for a full web, graphic, branding, SEO package and we delivered.

First we designed their logo. They wanted something clean but bold and memorable. We used a red and black colour scheme and created a strong and simple logo incorporating a red M, this was so that they could abbreviate their logo.From this we designed their business cards, shop front signage and double sided flyers and had this media printed for them encompassing the logo and colour scheme.

Following this, we then designed and created their website. We made a very clean and simple website which was easy to navigate through. We highlighted the various printing processes they had to offer using simple and customer friendly navigation and layout. Then we created a responsive home page slider containing all of the key various sectors that they cover. This included, personalised garments, workwear, health and beauty, event t-shirts and so on.

Minamo dealt with a number of blue chip companies and this was embraced by utilising their logo’s on a company banner. This approach gave companies the confidence to deal with Minamo and in conjunction with an in depth client page, emphasised the fact that they catered for all clients, both large and small. We knew that a lot of people would also need quick quotations. To solve this we made sure Minamo’s page was fast loading and also contained a non-intrusive but eye catching popup in the corner with the company’s telephone number. The company’s colours were also used throughout the website and we made sure their branding was strong. We also ensured the website was responsive and mobile optimised.


We’ve Done The Design – Now Lets get People To It!

After this work was completed Minamo realised that they needed an on-line presence to gain new customers so we completely optimised their site. We focused on the keywords ‘T-shirt Printing Coventry’. All aspects of the website were optimised with great content throughout the site. We then created a Google + page with all the necessary data and included some eye catching images and offers. All available directories were then contacted and business details submitted to help the company ranking. Social media accounts were then created with carefully placed and targeted adverts to ensure a return on investment. Once this was achieved, we managed to get Minamo to the top spot on Google, beating 12 different local businesses all with websites. We also managed to surpass companies that had been active for over 15 years.

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