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Our Design Journey – Bespoke eCommerce Web Design & Development

Our Design Journey came to us as they had a great range of fashionable women’s products, but were only selling them VIA shows, markets, events, local shops etc. They needed an eCommerce website, so they called Vova.

The main aim was getting them online. We achieved this by producing a complete bespoke eCommerce website using a simple back-end structure called WooCommerce. To do this we designed it with a very minimal approach. Our aim was to let the product images do the visual work whilst maintaining a hassle-free and simple customer experience. We made sure it was easy for the client to upload, change and edit product titles, descriptions, pictures and stock levels. Then we added in categories for each type of product, special categories for sale items and much more. On the home page we inserted a short company story alongside a video to introduce the brand. We also placed a responsive slider to grab the audiences attention. Then we also optimised the site using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for faster page loading speed and better customer experience.

Once this was done we then started working on marketing the company online. To do this we then linked their Facebook and Instagram pages together. From this we created a targeted advert across both social media platforms, displaying their End of January sale items. Once this was achieved we then installed for them an scheduled and automated Instagram service. This generated them more clicks to their social media account and more traffic to their website to generate more conversions/sales.

If this has interested you, or you would like us to design and develop you a bespoke eCommerce platform. please email us at or contact us using the contact form.

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