SFK Home Improvements Coventry

SFK Home Improvements – Complete Online Conversion

SFK Home Improvements were a bricks and mortar style company, not just in construction but also in how they ran the business. They contacted us so we could help them in modernising their look, branding their company and boosting their awareness online.

Firstly we took their initial logo idea they presented us on their business cards. We then redrew this in a simpler, cleaner and more memorable design. From this we then designed and printed some flyers for them. This was for initial promotional purposes to get their name out with their new brand and feel in the local area.

Once this was done we then designed and developed a bespoke website. We created a simple yet informative website containing all the key sectors of work they cover. Once this was achieved we then included a responsive gallery. Within it contained pictures of previous completed jobs. This was so customers could see their previous work and be confident in using SFK. We placed an interactive map also, so that people could clearly see where they were based. Then we also included a contact form so people could contact them easily and efficiently.

We then registered their company on Google + and populated their listing. Then we created various social media accounts and used targeted add campaigns to reach out to potential customers in the local area. Once this was done we then registered the company on all local directories. We made sure all of the listings were rich with content and pictures. This then boosted their business higher on Google, beating their local competitors.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation The Right Way

A key outcome that SFK wanted was to be at the top of Google searches. So we carried out a full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign for their site. We focused on the keyword ‘Home Improvements Coventry’, as they specialised in a wide range of home improvements in the local area. Then we ensured all aspects of their site were optimised with informative content throughout the site. We created descriptive content, highlighting all sectors of their work. Once this was done, in just 4 months, SFK Home Improvements managed to hit the top spot on Google. Their listing now ranks above 16 different local business all with websites, including companies that had been active for over 20 years.

If this has interested you, or you would like us to help you revamping your business online. please email us at info@vovacreative.co.uk or contact us using the contact form.

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